I have collaborated with Mary at different points throughout the past 2 years. Every time I've done so, I feel amazed at her level of professionalism. She is an embodiment of what networking should be like - always making new connections, never afraid to pick up the phone to introduce herself to someone, and constantly making people-partnerships (i.e. linking people who have somewhat symbiotic needs to each other). I'm glad I got a chance to know and work with her so closely.

Amna Nadim

Director, Mocha7 Media

I was just thinking about this whole CTA thing...you were the one who had the creativity and skills to make it happen. I'm a little slow sometimes and do not always see the connections you do, but you should feel great about this one. Their press release is spreading like wildfire. Anyway...this is HUGE for Ricky and his Mom as well, not to mention APFED.

Gabe O'Neill

CEO, Kids Are Heroes (Intro Mary made between Kids Are Heroes and CTA Digital for one of their Heroes to demo a new product at E3 2010--only child on the expo floor--drew of media attention)

Since the beginning she has made professional introductions on my behalf, to people and companies directly related to our business and services in the entertainment industry. Her aptitude and skill at connecting people is unrivaled in this business. If you are looking to expand your business, get connected with meaningful contacts directly related to your strategic needs and looking to meet a true professional, you've come to the right place. I highly recommend Mary for business consultation, networking within the entertainment industry, relationship building and expertise in new business development.

Jason Fabbro

Communications Officer, CBC Broadcast Media

I have found Mary to be outstanding as a pro networker with regard to business development opportunities. Doing what I do for our studio at Timbuk2, I don't have time to do what she does so excellently as a relationship bridge builder. I think Mary is also uniquely gifted in what she does and follows high level protocols to earn the trust of those with whom she works.

Jon Gregerson

Managing Partner, Timbuk2 Studios. Former Dreamworks Interactive Artist, Lead Art Director, Call of Duty Console Game, and contributed talents to Medal of Honor (Frontline) and Clive Barker's Undying. Clients have included Disney, ABC Radio

Consulting with Mary, we analysed my strengths, built and executed an itinerary for a major 5-month-long international networking trip that encompassed 12 countries in Europe and 12 states in the North Americas. I learned the art of networking through her guidance and interviewed over 100 industry leaders to identify trends in the food festival and game design industries. Our mission was to build a unique business where each person I met either became a mentor or potential partner and provided an important part of the business plan. Mary helped me find connections as I hit the streets networking till by day 2, I was meeting professors and curators in the game design industry who were leading the R&D of emerging technologies at a university and provided both inspiration and a list of connections. Arriving in USA, she helped me with my business plan and connected me with people central to building investment capital. Many of my connections have remained my strongest partners and supporters of my talent and work. Mary Kurek is leading an emerging industry of professional networkers and mentors. She has been critical to the movement's birth in a time of increasingly volatile markets, redundancies in the arts and proliferation of new interactive technologies that have opened up fresh possibilities for creatives to plan and build their own unique career paths. And when you're ready to invest in / take that leap of faith in your abilities, Mary is the professional you want with you on the journey.

Krister Gustafsson

CEO, Brumby Spirit, Experience Designer & Pioneer of Interactive Playgrounds

Mary Kurek's networking skills are nothing short of amazing. She has a deep passion for making meaningful and diverse connections that open doors you would never have thought of as available to you. If you really don't have the time to network consistently or strategically to pull in business opportunities, Mary is your go-to professional.

Marti CJ Mongiello

MCFE, CHM, CPFM Former Camp David Resort and Conference Center Manager and White House Chef, Former Executive Chef to the President of the United States, and Strategic Marketing & Sales CMO Expert-FOX, CNN, & PBS

Mary is a master networker and collaborator who connects people who can help expand their businesses via partnerships and expertise. She has an enormous business network across disciplines. Mary has a unique ability to read between the lines, expanding possibilities by introducing like-minded professionals. My first experience with Mary was a specific networking target, which she managed quickly and easily, creating a comfortable path to new opportunities. I've referred Mary since then to others because I recommend her highly.

Megan Gaiser

CEO & Co-Founder, Spiral Media, Ltd. Megan provided leadership to Her Interactive to grow the company to $8.5M in revenues, sold 9M units and won 29 Parent’s Choice Gold Medal awards by co-creating the highly successful Nancy Drew game franchise.

You were the greatest asset in building my business during the last year. Two biz development trips - to Raleigh/Durham and to GDC were fantastic. You are a Godsend.

Penka Kouneva

Award-Winning Film, TV, & Games Composer/Lead Orchestrator. Credits include, Revenge TV Show, Elysium, Ender's Game, Need for Speed, Starcraft (Wings of Liberty), World of Warcraft (Cataclysm), Matrix Reloaded, Prince of Persia: Forgott