Networking Opportunities Between Global Health Game Changers

If you are an Introducer Magazine subscriber, you know by now that what we do following the release of an issue of the publication is to review it for business networking opportunities we see between the game changers (in this and past issues). We listed a few in the magazine and we’re extending that list below for the purposes of facilitating business connection because that's the whole point of what we do.  Note: we’re including the people listed in the resource section of the magazine, as well. All listed here are included in the Global Health issue of the magazine unless otherwise stated.  

Dr. Abbed should connect with Dave Furneaux of BlueiO relative to the company Lumicell mentioned in Dave’s listing on the resource page, as Lumicell has innovated a means for surgeons to achieve 100% extraction of cancer in surgery.

Dr. Abbed, Dr. Rafael Grossmann, Todd Gray, and Nick Busietta (from issue # 4) and Deven Patel (the disruptor featured in the magazine) should connect with Michael Fergusson of Ayogo who was mentioned on the resources page. Michael’s Empower platform helps innovators of devices and procedures to create stronger patient engagement that ensures benefits are reaching their max potential. The doctors plus innovators Todd and Nick might want to check out Michael's platform.

Patricia Monthe, Deven Patel, Javier de Oca, Kim-Fredrik Schneider, and Todd Gray (all producing innovative projects in healthcare that have investments involved) might want to connect with Malcolm Riley (resource page) with Innovations in Healthcare, a nonprofit powered by Duke University aimed at helping entrepreneurs create sustainability with their innovations. Description for the org here:

Nina Rabinovitch Blecker and Vithika Yadav (6th issue on Women’s Empowerment) should connect as Vithika’s platform, Love Matters, relates heavily to women’s reproductive rights and Nina’s work at Data2X is all about gender equality and women’s empowerment. Both women were speakers at the SwitchPoint conference in April, but, if they haven’t already had an in-depth conversation, it might be useful now. Additionally, there’s a shared interest in human security. Nina might also connect with Annie Udofa (issue #6 on Women’s Empowerment) who founded Women United for Economic Empowerment, based in Nigeria.

Deven Patel and Robert Branch (2nd issue) should have a chat relative to Deven’s disruption goals with stem cell therapies. Robert has a background in stem cell and works with an organization (Living, Learning, and Working) that creates large-scale impact. There could be an opportunity for help in expanding Deven’s plans for giving away stem cell therapies.

Dan Levitt and Robert Branch (2nd issue) should also have a conversation, as Dan has an expertise in “ageism” and Robert’s work with Living, Learning, and Working could reveal opportunities because impact in the aging space is one of the organization’s areas of focus.

Javier de Oca and Kim-Fredrik Schneider (both innovators of healthcare-related products) might want to chat about their mutual interest in connecting with leaders in insurance companies. Also, both gentlemen are located in Spain and the conversation might lead to other bits of useful information and leads to connections in their region.

Laurie Thomas and Okey Enya (issue # 3) might connect over health policy interests. Okey is heavily embedded in US and global policy around healthcare. A swap of information, facts, and opinions could be meaningful to both. As a professional writer on health-related subjects, a researcher, and editor on the same, Laurie might have some viewpoints Okey has not yet heard. Laurie might attain some information for another publication. (Okey, about time you authored your own book, don’t you think?)

Dr. Rafael Grossmann and Kim-Fredrik Schneider should connect, if they’ve not already, relative to Rafael’s interest in digital healthcare innovations.

Nigel Ten Fleming and Deven Patel should have a conversation as Deven’s disruption falls in line with Nigel’s interest in connecting with healthcare innovators that can impact the masses. Impacting the masses is exactly what Deven’s up to.

Dorote Lucci and Nick Busietta (issue # 4) could have a useful conversation about their mutual interest in providing virtual reality types of experiences to reduce anxiety for patients undergoing stressful health situations. Dorote might also reach out to Dan Levitt to talk about her work with cancer patients and Dan’s experience with aging and healthcare.

Angela Malone (resource page) and Dorote Lucci could also have a useful conversation around mutual interests in reducing anxiety with patients. I wonder if there could be a potential for adding some tech to Angela’s Dr. Scribbles product. Dorote has developed apps that focus on anxiety reduction.

Dr. Abbed and Todd Gray should connect as Dr. Abbed is interested in talking with innovators of healthcare devices. Todd’s Bio_sole products fit.

Todd Gray might also consider reaching out to Arthur Bavelas (issue # 5) for a conversation around Arthur’s network of family office investors interested in impact.

Now that we've produced 7 issues of the magazine, that means we have 70 game changers in social impact that we've spotlighted. And, we have that many plus more conversations involving hopes, innovations, directions, needs, talents, and impact stored up that contains useful and often, actionable information. Opportunities are surfacing almost daily now.  In fact, we see a time shortly where we can create a collective of "Avengers" for social impact work.  Contact us (link bottom of page) if you are interested or even curious.  



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How to Get Clear on Who You Need to Meet

You know that after we publish each issue of The Introducer, I post on this blog the good networking opportunities I see between game changers.  Well, what makes that job easier is that the game changers tell us the types they want to meet - published at the end of each of their spotlights.  The more specific they are with descriptions, the more "on-target" those opportunities for connection will be.  The benefits of being focused about the types you want to meet are the same as being focused on other business goals.  You'll only hit the target if you have a bullseye at which to aim.