Networking Opportunities in The Introducer-Innovations in Education

As is our practice, about a week after each issue of The Introducer is released, we share several networking opportunities we see between game changers and those featured in this and previous issues of the magazine.  We're naming names and sharing why they should connect.  We'll list what issue they were featured if they are not in the current issue. We shared a few in the magazine.  If you didn’t see those, visit here:

Here's more:



Brandon Schielack and Robert Branch (Issue # 2) might want to have a conversation relative to Robert's university contacts and Brandon's platform that can help alumni and students connect regarding work opportunities.

Adam Schultz and Myra Best - both featured as One's To Watch in the current issue should have a business chat about their shared work interests around digital learning.  (And, they are located in the same county).  Brandon Schielack should chat with Adam relative to their mutual interests in community building, mentoring, education, and universities.  

Myra Best and Larry Griffith, Warren Morgan, Rashid Faisal, Jason Tyszko should connect. Myra wants to connect with national education leaders--all of these apply.

Atif Zafar is positioning his micro-board for university engineering students to facilitate learning. He might want to talk with Chance Glenn (Issue # 3) regarding his Electronic Alchemy and other projects that might relate.  

Brandon Schielack and Trey Holder (Issue #8) might have a conversation or even a meet-up since they are in the same area of TX and talk about contacts that Brandon is looking for in rural communities in TX.

Chance Glenn (Issue #3) has a contract with NASA for a tech project, and Temidayo Isaiah is working with the space program in Africa.  Maybe, there could be some networking here?

Mandy Manning wants to connect with education advocacy at the policy level.  She and Myra Best and Governor Perdue might chat.  I would think Myra and the Governor, who have worked together on policy and solved problems in education in NC may be interested in what the National Teacher of the Year has to say.  Warren Morgan and Mandy might also connect as he is looking to connect with leader-teachers.

Perri Irmer is interested in networking with people who have ideas for exhibits and/or youth education programs. Okey Enya (Issue # 3) would be a great one for a conversation.  He's one of a few African Americans featured in a documentary about STEM education.  He's on a leadership path and posts regularly about African American issues relating to health and wellbeing...and is writing a book.

Javier Trevino might benefit from a conversation with Larry Griffith and Warren Morgan.  Warren's work with Teach for America and Larry's work with the United Negro College Fund might shed some light on innovative approaches to diversity and equity in education (a concern Javier mentions in our feature on him in the current issue.)

Sultan Akif is looking for locations in marginalized countries who could be good locations for libraries.  He might talk with Temidayo Isaiah in Africa, or Annie Udofa (Issue #6) Founder of Women United for Economic Empowerment (Nigeria) who might be of help in pointing the way.  JoAnn Castillo (Issue #3) who works in some of the most remote and disadvantaged areas around the globe.

Atif Zafar and Antoinette Miller should connect to see if Antoinette's DOD connections might be useful for his micro-board for IT training.

That's not all by a long shot, but, it's a start...and a means of showing you how to use this magazine/networking tool because networking IS the intention.  If actual introductions to help move you forward is of interest, you need to be checking out The Frontrunners League.