Networking Opportunities for The Smart Cities & Sustainable Development Game Changers

It's that time again...when we review the current issue of The Introducer and work our networking magic.  What follows are the connections we see between game changers we've spotlighted in this and previous issues. (For those we've featured in previous issues, we'll let you know that issue # and you can access those back issues on the newsstand.  

Stephanie Hayden and Osama Hashmi (Issue # 4) should connect because Stephanie is working on community crisis and sustainable solutions and Osama has experience in the same.  Also, Jenna Nicholas and Osama would have an interesting conversation relative to her expressed interest in connecting with people who have a background in technology that can help them build out the tech tools they need for her Impact Experience work.  Jenna and Stephanie should connect for their mutual interests of solving community programs from different perspectives -- Jenna from needs to funding and Stephanie from needs to data-driven solutions.

Robert Stone and Joanne Fedeyko (Issue # 1) may want to meet because Bob is collecting tech experts from Silicon Valley for his Innovation Nation in New Zealand and Joanne is the expert connector for SV.  Also, Bob and Robert Branch (Issue # 2) should chat relative to mutual business interests in tech innovation in NZ. 

Colin Milner and Todd Gray (Issue # ) should connect relative to products useful to the aging community.  Colin is an expert and heads an international organization to change the way that people think about aging and heads a community of stakeholders in the space.  Todd and his award-winning biosole wearable to help diabetics is a perfect fit.

Jesse Berst should have a conversation with Trey Holder, as Trey is specifically interested in making Smart Cities connections.  Jorge Saraiva, who led Smart Cities London and chaired EU and EIP Smart Cities and Communities, should connect with Jesse about his Engage Citizen efforts.  He and Stephanie Hayden might also connect for a networking call regarding the community engagement factor in her work.  Trey might also have a chat with William Tewelow (Networking Resources-current issue) regarding the Smart Cities Group.  

Dr. Nema might have conversations with Quinton Scholes (Issue # 4) as Quinton operates The Africa Business Portal that helps train African business people with outside opportunities and encourages business and investment from other countries with Africa.  Quinton has a deep network in African business including Forbes Africa.  Dr. Nema is looking to move his energy solution into Africa. 

Arthur Bavelas (Issue # 5) who operates The Family Office Network and is looking to connect with cryptocurrency and blockchain startups should have a call with Ernesto Gonzalez (Networking Resource-current issue).  Xiaochen Zhang, (Issue #5) also is interested in connecting with blockchain startups.

Dr. Overton, who leads Living, Learning, & Working (a social impact-focused organization that produces and collaborates on a variety of solutions globally) and Kevin Doyle Jones (Issue # 5) would have a good exploratory conversation based on Kevin's expertise in finding creative means of funding community projects.  His "Neighborhood Economics" work is amazing.

Mark Wolf and Dr. Nema should chat if they've not already.  Mark is working in spaces where Dr. Nema wants to put his energy solution.

Godfrey Coker (photo left) (one-to-watch-current issue) and Dr. Nema might have a chat about what opportunities and contacts might exist in Sierra Leone for energy solutions.  And, I can't help but wonder if Godfrey and Stephanie Hayden might not have a spirited conversation about funding of solutions.  Godfrey could well become an asset to her work in California since he's there. Brilliant young man. 

Dr. Erik Mettala and Jesse Berst should chat about how we need to incorporate security in all of this smart tech we're putting together for communities.  Godfrey might also approach Quinton Scholes (Issue # 4) for a chat relative to business in Africa and mutual projects.

There's more - and we'll be attacking those connections through The Frontrunners League, where we're putting action to networking.  If you'd like to learn more about what we're doing at The League, contact us