Frontrunners League News Release - Join Us or Work With Us

For immediate release: 8/14/2018Media Contact: Annie Moon




The “Frontrunners League for Social Impact Innovation” aims to solve the world’s toughest impact-related challenges by pooling our smartest and most resourceful people together.

(Atlantic Beach, N.C., August 3, 2018)The Frontrunners League of Social Impact Innovation just announced its launch today, with the aim of helping corporations, foundations, and organizations solve their toughest impact-related problems by pooling together the collective resources and expertise of some of the best innovators in the impact space.


The League is a curated, hand-selected group of uniquely qualified social impact professionals proven to have extraordinary talents, networks, and resources to apply towards impact-focused solutions. These “game changers” are innovators of new technologies, wearable healthcare solutions, policy advisors, thought leaders, awarded social entrepreneurs, government and organizational leaders, and dignitaries, and have influence in 136 countries. Together, they can solve social impact challenges at a global scale faster than they could have individually, bringing expert domain knowledge in verticals like healthcare, sustainability, smart-cities, aviation, farming, power generation and more, together with cutting-edge innovations in 3D Printing, Biomedical Tracking, Advanced Materials, Artificial Intelligence, VR / AR, Robotics, and more.


With the combined talents, the League can make possible for its partners and clients solutions such as using VR / AR to treat PTSD or behavioral development, accelerating power distribution using rapid manufacturing of electronics, policy guidance for Impact Investment Funds, and many more pressing needs.


Led and curated by Founder Mary Kurek, the League has already partnered with the global consortium, Living, Learning, & Working, Inc., whose mission is the execution of impact projects, to help with its impact goals. So far, members have been connected for contracted technical work for a never-been-done project, advisory board positions for a blockchain effort, a corporation-to-foundation workforce preparedness collaboration, funding facilitation, and more. The League is similarly able to partner with other foundations or organizations working in specific verticals or regions to accelerate their impact.


“Our world is experiencing an increasingly faster rate of social impact challenges,” said founder Mary Kurek, whose professional work has been in strategic business connections. “Individually, organizations don’t often have the connections or access to impact an area fast enough. That’s where this idea was born - that,by bringing the right resources together, we could help in solving problems at a pace faster than ever before possible, and, at a global scale. A bit like an ‘Avengers for Social Impact’. We are already seeing that right innovators connected to the right organizations can often immediately accelerate what they are aiming to achieve. With the League, we are able to facilitate those connections and build the right teams to tackle bigger challenges.”


Prior to The Frontrunners League, Mary Kurek’s consulting work has been in strategically identifying good connections between individuals and organizations for maximizing opportunity. She also developed a magazine, The Introducer, for the purpose of facilitating connection and stirring business opportunity for “game changing” professionals working on extraordinary projects around the world. Imagine a collective of the world’s best innovators and minds in the impact space, coming together to form a power-network – to support each other’s projects, as well as work together to tackle some of the hardest challenges facing our time. What we could accomplish would be exponential. That’s the vision. The League has evolved out of that magazine’s effort, with a more curated problem-solving focus.


The League is currently invitation-only for “game changers”, but has a networking membership tier for those seeking mentoring and targeted networking. Persons interested in joining and organizations interested in services should visit for details.




Mary Kurek Impact Connections is a global networking and business development agency based in the United States. Launched by CEO, Mary Kurek, in 2007, the business has made critical introductions for clients in industries ranging from games, professional sports, entertainment, corporate business, and social impact. Connections include partnerships and collaborations, media opportunities, business leads, and resource development.


Living Learning & Working, Inc. is a tax-exempt organization whose purpose is to address the economic, housing, health, and education issues facing veterans, the elderly, and the economically challenged. The global consortium executes and supports social impact programs and projects that meet their standards.