Mary Kurek Impact Connecting and Simon T. Bailey, Best-Selling Author & Success Magazine “Top 25” Announce Another First

“We are the Frontrunners, the forward-facing keepers of hope,

leading the way of impacting mankind for the greater good.”   Mary Kurek

The Frontrunners League is an invitation-only facilitated networking group that focuses on connecting members to one another and others outside of the League based on business interests that lead to greater good impact.  

What would it mean to your goals to secure a good speaking opportunity, meet a potential collaborator or partner, learn about a new funding or operational resource, secure a new business lead, a contract, or a nice bit of publicity? The value here is “people currency.”  Interested?  Here's what you need to know:

Enrollment in the group is invitation only. If interested in participating in the League, send an email to with your name, title, website, contact information, your particular social impact focus, and the link to your online profile. You will receive an invitation, assuming there's a fit.  

The difference between this program and other networking opportunities that may seem dormant is that we provide facilitation so that there is activity.

Criteria for participation:

a) Your social enterprise, humanitarian work, business, nonprofit, or government interest ties to themes on which we focus in The Introducer Magazine (ie:  climate change, education, Smart Cities & economic development, healthcare, new technologies for greater good, poverty, hunger, entrepreneurship in disadvantaged communities, finance, women's empowerment, and similar social impact issues.)

b) You are a leader in your field and/or an innovator in a space where change is needed.

c) You are a strong networker and good at engaging with and supporting others in a group.

d) You know the types of contacts that you should be meeting to advance your goals. 

What you can expect: Introductions made to you throughout your League experience to members of the League current/new and others outside of the League that match your networking interests.  These introductions will happen as the appropriate opportunities arise with League members and through networking efforts of League staff.  It will be your job to follow-through in a timely manner.  We make no promises on results from introductions made.  Resources will be brought to your attention via our portal. We will expand your visibility and that of the League as our partners, JJ Associates, add their social media touch to League happenings.  You’ll receive advice from one of the top speakers/authors of our time on leveraging your connections and your thought processes. By the way, he (Simon T. Bailey) will be participating right along with you, so you’ll have an opportunity to connect with him. 

What we expect: Timely responses to all connection correspondence. Engagement with fellow League members. An attitude of support.

This is an individual non-transferable fee-based membership.  Inquire if interested.

Consider the opportunities, check our testimonials page if you'd like, and let us hear from you if you are interested in experiencing networking in a way that you likely never have before.