“We are the Frontrunners, the forward-facing keepers of hope,

leading the way of impacting mankind for the greater good.”   Mary Kurek


The Frontrunners League of Social Impact Innovation is a platform for the most talented disruptors in the social impact innovation space to come together to network and collaborate on projects. This League is possible because of a close partnership with the global consortium, Living, Learning and Working, Inc. (LLW).

Imagine a collective of the world's best innovators and minds in the impact space, coming together to form a power-network - to support each other's projects, as well as work together to tackle some of the hardest challenges facing our time. What we could accomplish would be exponential. That's the vision.
Members can expect to:
  • Have your profile, business and networking interests highlighted in the Frontrunners League portal.
  • Interact with Game Changers from The Introducer magazine and other members to seek advice and/or network for potential collaborations
  • Have the possibility of inclusion in LLW proposals for social impact projects as the need occurs and interests match. (LLW is extremely well connected with universities, award-winning innovators, accelerator progs, global governments, and more)
  • Receive extra social media visibility

Interested?  Here's what you need to know:

Enrollment in the group is invitation only. If interested in participating in the League, visit www.frontrunnersleague.com

What you can expect: Impromptu connections made to you throughout your League experience to members of the League current/new and others outside of the League that match your networking interests. We're always on the lookout for possibilities, and you may see them yourself when a member posts that they are looking for an Advisory Board Member for a disruptive project. What we request is that you be timely with your communications. We make no promises on results, and aren't responsible for relationships, but, nothing ventured...nothing gained.  Updates on member projects, resources, opportunities, and requests will be brought to your attention via our portal. We will expand your visibility and that of the League as our partners, JJ Associates, add their social media touch to League happenings.  Should you be interested in collaborating or submitting a proposal to work on a social impact project, you may be the opportunity, not only within the League, but, also with our League partner, Living, Learning, and Working, Inc. whose global reach in the area of impact is nothing short of amazing.  

What we expect: Timely responses to all connection correspondence. Engagement with fellow League members. An attitude of support.

This is an individual non-transferable fee-based membership.  Fee is currently a nominal $150/yr made possible by our partnership with Living, Learning, and Working, Inc.  Inquire if interested.