If necessity is the mother of invention, perhaps frustration is the mother of innovation. How often we find ourselves saying “there must be a better way.” Hard things should be easier, time drainers should be quicker, and almost everything could be better. At this agency, we’ve taken one of the most dreaded and, often, uncomfortable business tasks and have innovated the way to achieve easier, quicker, and better. Here’s How We Serve:

We work by the month or by the project. Each professional networking campaign starts with clarification of who the client is, where they are headed, and who they need to get there. We review the client’s online visibility for optimum attraction. Even the most accomplished or senior business person might need a little adjustment to their online profiles. From there, we start mining networks for the right types, begin relationship building, and work our way to an emailed introduction. What sounds like days of preparation can actually happen in a matter of hours, depending on how challenging it is to find the right types. We track all introductions on a shared spreadsheet to help keep the focus in place, and follow up, if needed. It’s simply quicker, easier, and better…especially when it counts. Visit our testimonials page for how our work has helped others. Contact us to talk about your new project or direction.

An unprecedented first, The Introducer Magazine is an instantly interactive tool to achieve high-profile connections. You’ll meet extraordinary leaders in their fields…innovators, advocates, negotiators, diplomats, and executives creating big impact with their work. You’ll not only know who they are and what they do, but, more importantly, you’ll know who they want to meet. You have the option the second you finish reading about them (and determine you are a fit for their interests) to engage a professional introduction process, activating a facilitator on our staff to work on getting you that introduction. The magazine is digitally distributed monthly and free to subscribers. There is a small processing fee assessed to readers requesting introductions, once approved. Generally, 48 business-day hours is all it takes, dependent on time zones. This could be the most effective targeted networking opportunity you’ll ever have. Subscribe today!

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There are hundreds of articles all over the Internet, from bloggers to major publications acknowledging the pain of networking and giving you’re their idea of a “fix.” No matter what the solution, if you are the one having to implement it, then the pain may still be there. What you need is someone to do it for you…someone whose business it is to build diverse relationships daily and knows how to represent you professionally, like an agent. We are that “someone.” Looking forward to connecting with you.