About Mary Kurek Professional Networking Agency

Mary Kurek Professional Networking Agency has been in operation since 2007, and centers on the concept that the most dreaded business activity can be accomplished quicker, easier, and more successfully when facilitated by a pro. Similar to a consulting arrangement, clients contract out for projects or ongoing networking services. The process follows these steps:

  • Clarity around business objectives and target types*
  • Ensuring that client’s online visibility is in line with what is needed to attract the target types*
  • Mining of networks for the target types
  • Relationship building with an aim to bring target types to conversation with client
  • Client approval prior to introduction
  • Emailed introduction
  • Follow up to ensure connection
  • Shared tracking data for extended projects to help client stay focused on follow through

*Some coaching/advising included, if need.

Clients hire these services for a variety of reasons, but, mostly, they are concerned with business development, publicity, specific resources, and collaborators. The clients are often quite good at networking, but, simply lack the time. This agency has produced results for executives and professionals in sports, entertainment, technology, music, culinary arts, speaking, social and serial entrepreneurship. See testimonials.

“I connect people. Can’t help myself. I love introducing people and do it with such enthusiasm that I scare wall-huggers at a party. Don’t care.

In my past, I’ve introduced a group of youth to a member of foreign royalty, a US Ambassador, a Nobel Prize-Winning Scientist, the winningest coach in college basketball, the late Dean Smith, and Frank Capra, Jr., the former President of EUE Screen Gems Studios, NC. I’ve even introduced a former Harlem Globetrotter to a casting agent who hired him for a role in a major motion picture.

In 2007, I wrote a business networking book that was published bearing the endorsement of the national CEO of the American Business Women’s Association. It was about that time, I was contacted by the CEO of a software firm who needed channel partners…fast. After conducting a successful networking campaign for him, he connected me to a colleague who was starting a games portal and needed a networking campaign. I did the same thing for him, and that’s when I knew that professional networking as a stand-alone service was born…and, I, apparently am the founder.”

About Mary Kurek

Along with my team, I serve the world of high profile professionals who need to expand their networking efforts strategically to meet fast-growing business interests. It's my mission to change the way that professionals connect with one another to achieve greater impact. Professional Networking allows you to focus on pressing business concerns, knowing that an experienced pro is busy warming up specific types of contacts to introduce to you. Because of constant networking/filtering conversations, often unusual and unexpected opportunities surface. My LinkedIn network includes best-selling authors, thought leaders, entertainment pros, awarded int'l innovators, pro athletes, government leaders, and successful serial entrepreneurs. I spent years working media on the NC Gov's Press Staff, worked with int'l business leaders/dignitaries, and directed the Chamber of Commerce next to the world's largest Marine Corps Air Station. Started my agency in 2007 by conducting a successful networking project for a software exec. Since then, I've agented thousands of int'l intros for pros in games, broadcast, speaking, entertainment, tech, and corp. business. By early fall 2017, we'll launch a unique publication called THE INTRODUCER, a facilitated networking magazine for serious business networkers. The magazine features "Ten to Know" spotlights on professionals with specific networking interests. Readers will have the opportunity for a fee-based professional introduction. The subscription is free. 

I'd like to hear your story-here's a bit of mine below:

  • 10 + yrs Professional Networker
  • 10 + yrs Business Marketing/Business Consultant
  • Business Speaker
  • Graduate of US Chamber's Institute for Org. Mgt.
  • Author of nationally endorsed women's business networking book
  • Awarded NC's Long Leaf Pine Award by the Governor
  • Founder, 2 youth ldrshp progs-1 in sports + supporting nonprofit

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