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The Introducer Magazine is a unique monthly publication for serious networkers who are interested in connecting with high profile business professionals across the globe. Each issue spotlights 10- to-Know...people whose projects are often broad in geography, scope, and human benefit. With very specific networking needs to be met, The Introducer Magazine provides the opportunity to bring together those that should meet, personally facilitated by the editor and her staff. The subscription is free. Subscribe today. Click here for more details about our current issue.

Meet the Editor: Mary Kurek

“Over the years I’ve introduced thousands of professionals to business partners, decision makers, resources, and dignitaries. I’m a liaison, an agent, a introducer. This work creates possibility, and, by founding this publication, I’m expanding that possibility to more people. Diversity will be the foundation, as you’ll meet people from around the globe, representing different industries, and, some working on huge charitable and social enterprise projects. The motto here: Open minds + open hearts = more interesting...even world-changing results.”

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